Turnkey Solutions and Services for Sol-Gel Applications

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The founding team of SolGelWay has a very long experience and well recognized expertise in the domain of thin films and Sol-Gel coating. SolGelWay can support your organization by providing a variety of services and a set of specific laboratory equipment dedicated to the development and applications of thin films coatings. If you are considering applying thin film. coatings to a specific usage and wish to benefit from our expertise, make some tests and/or develop a new type of coating, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sol-Gel Consulting Services

SolGelWay offers a unique and patented Dip-Coater dedicated to the research and development of Sol-Gel solutions. SolGelWay’s Dip-Coater ACEdip enables the user to control very finely the whole process of Sol-Gel coating and thereby enable its users to investigate new ways to apply thin films in Sol-Gel solutions.

Scientific Equipment

SolGelWay is working of innovative solutions to enable the production of thin film coatings in large quantities and at attractive costs, while at the same time maintaining a proper production quality. SolGelWay’s production equipment will enable the usage of Sol-Gel technologies for large surfaces in industrial settings.

Industrial Equipment

Dip-Coater ACEdip 2.0

Gas-Flow Controller ACEflow 2.0

Absorbing optical coating for highest thermal solar efficiency

Anti-abrasive, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating

Antireflective and hydrophobic coating for polymers

Heterogeneous nanopatterned inorganic surface

Porous thick coating from aqueous solution

Thickness graded coating

Ultralow dielectric constant optical thin film

Water repellent, antireflective, self-cleaning and antifogging film

Photocatalytic - UV Protective Coating for polymers

Chemical solutions for soft nanoimprint lithography

Chemical Solutions

Innovative Coatings



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