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Coating Properties

Mechanically resistant

Thermally resistant

Transparent or optically active binders

Adjustable optical properties.


Phosphor deposition for LEDs for Lighting

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LEDs are now widely used for lighting applications. Yet LEDs produce blue light, which has to be converted into white light. This down-conversion is achieved today with a phosphor layer, which is coated on the LED GAN substrate. This layer absorbs some of the blue light and emits yellow light. The mix of blue and yellow light provides the white light of the LED.

Traditional LEDs bind the YAG/Phosphor light converters on P-N junctions with organic-based materials, which are degraded by blue light and heat release. MINERALED is an organic-free Sol-gel (ceramic) binder (applied by a specific deposition process), that provides a longer life time and and cost reduction to the LEDs. In addition, MiNERALED can be optically passive (transparent) or active (absorbing, luminescent) to optionally adjust the emission spectrum directly at the light conversion level. Thanks to the high and adjustable refractive index, Mineraled ensures an excellent outcoupling efficiency.



High and Tunable refractive index

Better outcoupling efficiency

Higher light extraction

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20-100 µm

Light converter composed of phosphor particles and binder Blue, or UV emitting chip Phosphor loading can reach up to 65% of volume Thickness can be adjusted to up to 100 µm (total conversion of a conventional 2W powered  blue chip Requires around 30 micron of a 50% phosphor-loaded layer)


-A High refractive index (around 1,88) provides for better outcoupling efficiency. The refractive index can be tuned to specific requirements

-A purely inorganic metal oxide binder that can withstand life-time operation without any chemical or structural

alteration to provide a constant LED emission spectra.

-Infinite variations of the composition of the binder with various optical properties are possible

(from fully UV-Visible transparent to highly absorbing at specific wavelengths) to further adjust the LED emission

spectrum with respect to the phosphor's optical properties.

-Dense, highly loaded, and robust converting layer only obtained through a specific application process of the binder

and the phosphor particles with the only requirement being that the phosphors must resist a 200°C baking present in

the coating process.

Purely Mineral

Avoid silicons in processes

Excellent durability

No aging

High Thermal Conductivity

Optimized LED temperature management

Low Temperature Process

Compatibility with broad range of phosphors