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Dip Coating

Dip-coating is with no doubt the easiest and fast method to prepare thin films from chemical solutions with the highest degree of control, making it highly appropriate for R&D and small scale production. In specific high technology cases, it is used to deposit coatings on large surfaces. The principle is as simple as dipping the substrate into the initial solution before withdrawing it at a constant speed. During which the solution naturally and homogeneously spreads out on the surface of the substrate by the combined effects of viscous drag and capillary rise. Evaporation then takes over and leads to solidification of the final coating. A fine tuning of the withdrawal speed, and of the evaporation conditions (temperature and relative vapor pressures) is necessary to perfectly control the film characteristics (thickness and inner structure). Amongst all available techniques used for such a purpose, the dip-coating conformation provides the unique possibility to accurately control the latter critical parameters.

The unique dip-coater developed by SolGelWay has been developed over 15 years of experimenting processing and developing sol-gel coatings in many different fields of application. It is thus equipped with the best motion system allowing very smooth solution transfer at speeds ranging from 0.0005 to 50mm/s in order to enable work in capillarity or draining regimes. The specifically sealed drying chamber (patented system) can be additionally filled with any gas and can be heated up to 150°C so as to permit unprecedented control over evaporation. It is driven by a unique software specifically designed to program speed, temperature and atmosphere variation during the whole process (home made humidity controller system available).