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Coating for Solar Cells

Coatings for solar cells and photovoltaic or even thermal solar energy have to fulfill specific requirements that take into account the constraints of that field.

The main requirements for photovoltaic coatings are:

Increase the light collecting yield

Modern solar cells can absorb energy on a wider spectrum than before and photovoltaic coatings can increase the yield and efficiency of the solar cells by being anti-reflective over a wide spectrum of wavelenghts.

Slow down the aging process

The efficiency of solar cells can decrease wit time due to the degradation of the protecting glass through water or other pollution factors. By being oleophobic and hydrophobic and modern coating can improve dramatically the life time efficiency of solar panels.

Reduce maintenance costs

One of the main cost factors for solar energy is the need to clean the photovoltaic cells regurlarly to ensure a proper light gathering. Modern coatings can be used that are self cleaning, mainly through photocatalytic properties.

SolGelWay provides a coating dedicated to solar cells with unique anti-reflective, hydrophobic, oleophobic and self-cleaning properties.