Turnkey Solutions and Services for Sol-Gel Applications

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SolGelWay’s technologies and know-how have many potential applications in a variety of fields.

The applications below are only examples of concrete applications.

Sol-Gel Applications

Solar Cells: Improve the performance of photovoltaic cells or thermal solar plants

Batteries: Improve the performance of electrodes for batteries

Capacitors: Improve the performance of capacitors


Diodes: Improve the light emission properties of diodes

Lenses: Modify the optical properties of lenses: such as the reflection or absorption

LEDs: Purely mineral phosphor binders for LEDs - lower costs, higher efficiency, longer durability

Optical components

Self cleaning windows: Obtain windows with self cleaning properties

Smart Windows: Obtain windows with unique properties


Catalysts: Surfaces that catalyze chemical or biological reactions

Bio-glasses: Obtain containers for specific biologic or chemical materials