Turnkey Solutions and Services for Sol-Gel Applications

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SolGelWay functionnalises your surfaces and offers innovative coatings with breakthrough features, such as:

Dip-Coater Products Heterogeneous nanopatterned inorganic surface Porous thick coating from aqueous solution Products Dip-Coater

The Sol-Gel technology is rapidly gaining interest in the industrial world for a large variety of applications, such as renewable energies, construction, consumer electronics or biomedical devices. SolGelWay leverages the long scientific experience and recognized expertise of its founder’s team to significantly improve the performance of industrial products by using thin films based on Sol-Gel coating processes and technologies.

SolGelWay was founded by specialists of the Sol-Gel Technology. The company provides a full range of products and services to apply the benefits of Sol-Gel coatings to numerous industrial fields.

Comprehensive Solutions For Your Sol-Gel Applications

Dip-CoaterCoating Solar CellsProductsAnti-abrasive, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatingAnti-abrasive, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatingAnti-abrasive, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating


SolGelWay offers specific consulting services for Sol-Gel projects, such as the test and design of chemical formulations or the expertise of the suitablility of Sol-Gel in specific applications.

Absorbing optical coating Antireflective and hydrophobic coating for polymers Products Gas Flow Controller Photocatalytic-UV-protecting-coating Chemical solutions for soft nanoimprint lithography

Mineraled: purely mineral LED phosphor binders

Air purifying through photocatalysis

Improvement of photovoltaic efficiency

Mesoporous coatings

Products Dip-Coater


Products Products


Scientific equipment:

SolGelWay offers Dip-Coaters to enable scientists and engineers to develop their own coating solutions.

Industrial equipment:

SolGelWay offers industrial equipment to apply Sol-Gel coatings on a large scale at attractive costs.